- Pressuremeter tests minisymposium

Organized by: J. Habert (Terrasol, France), P. Reiffsteck (uge, France) and J. Baud (Eurogéo, France)
Keywords: Design, digital, Interpretation, pressuremeter, technological devlopments
A session dedicated to pressuremeter tests (cylindrically expansion tests at large, including currently called cylindrical dilatometer tests) is proposed. It aims at including several presentations related to pressuremeter testing, and at addressing the following themes: • New types of equipment and testing procedures, including enhanced accountancy of metrological issues of and standardization recent developments • Integration in geotechnical design, • Advanced interpretation procedures, such as practical determination of shear modulus stress-strain dependency, • Application to design: from soil and rock classification to calculation, including specific applications as liquefaction potential. It will present the latest developments from French research project ARSCOP but also contribution from international pressuremeter practice. It corresponds to the following conference themes: • 100 Technological developments in geotechnical and geophysical field testing instruments and procedures, • 200 Interpretation of In situ test results, • 300 Data driven site characterization, • 500 Direct design of geotechnical structures based on in situ test results, • 1300 Rock and residual soil characterization, • 1400 Liquefaction risk assessment. At this stage, the number of papers is estimated to 5-10, corresponding to potentially 2 sessions. A possibility is to have the following subthemes associated with each session: • Session 1: test equipment, procedures and interpretation, • Session 2: application to geotechnical design.