- New Insights on In Situ Testing through Numerical Modelling

Organized by: L. Hauser (UPC, Spain) and L. Monforte (CIMNE, Spain)
Keywords: Back-analysis, Interpretation, Numerical modelling
The interpretation of in situ tests is typically based on empirical approaches or analytical solutions of geometrically simplified analogues (i.e., cavity expansion for cone testing). Despite this epistemic uncertainty, available interpretation methods are adequate for most soils. With the advancement of numerical techniques, in situ tests can be simulated adopting the real geometry of the test and modelling the soil behaviour based on appropriate balance equations (i.e., coupled hydromechanical formulation) and constitutive models. The analyses provide new insights into the mechanisms underlying the test, and numerical results might be employed to assess the reliability of current practice or even propose new interpretation techniques. This Mini-Symposium is intended to provide an overview of the application of advanced numerical techniques to simulate in situ tests. Contributions aiming to verify, clarify or refute current interpretation techniques are encouraged. We especially welcome back analysis of field tests or new interpretation techniques based on numerical results.