- Mynisimposia on field monitoring in geomechanics

Organized by: J. Raventos (SOCOTEC, Spain)
Keywords: geotechnical instrumentation, monitoring
It is well known that the real behavior of geomechanical structures quite often differs from that predicted by numerical analyses carried out at the design stage, even though sophisticated computer programs are often used. This discrepancy may be simply because of the various uncertainties of geomaterials. In order to fill the gap between real and predicted behavior of geomechanical structures, field monitoring is carried out to verify the input data used in the original design, as well as to assess the integrity of the structures during construction. Nowadays, there are many different monitoring techniques available. However, it should be noted that the field monitoring data are only numbers unless they are properly interpreted. The aim of the minisimposium on field monitoring is to bring together people from across the geotechnical sector to promote better understanding, interpretation and presentation of field measurements. This proposal is supported by the TC-220 Field Monitoring in Geomechanics by the ISSMGE.